Andrea Bechert is a member of United Scenic Artists * IATSE Local USA829*
Produced by TheatreWorks.  Directed by Robert Kelley, scenic design by Andrea Bechert,
lighting design by Steve Mannshardt, costume design by Fumiko Bielefeldt.  
Presented at the Mountain View Center for Performing Arts in Mountain View.
Review excerpt from Sweeney Todd:
"...its immediacy is striking. It
starts with Andrea Bechert’s
wonderful set, which is loaded
with delightful bells and
whistles with stunning depth
and effective negative space.
Certain plays don’t always fit
very well on the vast stage at
the Mountain View Center for
Performing Arts, but certainly
this one feels very intimate and
Review excerpt from SWEENEY TODD:
    "...the eerie whine of the sirens that opens the
show, sending characters surging across the stage
for the underground shelters. Stage left is the
yawning mouth of a London Underground
in Andrea Bechert's EVOCATIVE and
. A spiraling iron staircase leads
up to Todd's barbershop where customers are
dispatched in plain view of the audience, yet
hidden from the street below. Also notable is the
rather ingenious barber's chair, which transforms
with the pull of a lever into a chute, transporting
the unfortunate gentlemen conveniently through a
trapdoor. The bodies pop out conveniently in Mrs.
Lovett's pie shop, where business is picking up
significantly, despite war rationing."